Modern Mans Guide

A guide to women, dating and life.
Created by Project 5th Street.

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The information event is free and scheduled for Sunday, September 17th, 5-8 pm at Ripley Grier Studios; 520 Eighth Avenue (Bet. 36th & 37th Streets); Room 16E; 16th Floor, New York, NY 10018

MMG Purpose

The purpose of this group is to teach guys the how to meet and date the women that they like. By doing so, guys learn how to become a better man... by living the kind of life that they love.

MMG creates better lives through positivity. It's about releasing negative judgments about ourselves, about others, so that deeper connections and deeper experiences can be made.

The group is focused on real-world experiences and not mental busy-work. The day-to-day homework is about having experiences with women. Consuming pick-up media is not the focus of this group.

Another goal of the group is to let guys become the guy who they have always wanted to be. It's about making the changes in the daily life that align with all the little day-dreams of what would be cool to have, be, or do. We want to make the exceptional normal. Turning dreams in to day-to-day life is the heart of this organization.

MMG is about having a complete and full life! This is not a "fake it 'til to you make it" organization. We want people to live a real life that is empowering... To them and those around them. We beleive there is a wholesome aspect to being a badass that has time for his family, friends, and spirituality. We are the type of people that want to contribute a deep and meaningful change to this world without having to win awards for it.

We value the relationships in our lives. Even as people grow and change, we have the leadership and communication skills to grow with them. We value the intimacy and openness that lead to amazing family relationships. Most of all, we know how to have fun with the people in our lives.

About the Program

For beginners we provide the framework, atmosphere, knowledge, and planned experiences, that will allow guys to be comfortable meeting and dating women. For intermediate guys, we provide a clear structure for you to work within that most never really understand. We also drill on the basics in a way that we've found to create a significant improvement in results.

We are volunteers and a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit. We've created this group to give back to the community that has given us so much. We feel that teaching other men is an important step in our own development.

Examples of what will be covered:

  • Opening and Approaching
  • Starting Conversations
  • Dating Skills
  • Wingmanship
  • Social skills
  • Inner Game
  • And much more...

What Guys Are Saying About MMG

"It's a great program. No magic formula. A lot of learning by doing. Coaches are all non-profit and teaching because they want to give back. Incredible sense of community and team spirit. And the whole process is a 12 week journey at the end of which I actually learned what I was set out to learn, and even more. Keep it up" - Bulgar the Dimovian

"In a world where most "pick up" products and people are marketing artists of bullshit, MMG is like winning the lottery. A ton of guys with amazing skills, uplifting attitudes, and powerful dedication to sharing them. Tiny teacher-to-student ratios for maximum guidance. Getting in on this is getting in to a club, building killer friendships on a journey to a sexually-fulfilling lifestyle. Hands down the most excellent way to gain these skills I've ever found. THIS. IS. IT." -Seth

"Within a year my life went from being just average with women to the most incredible kick-ass, sex-filled, exciting adventure of my life. My favorite part about it all is that the guys are really cool, so it make it really easy to learn everything and get used to my new lifestyle. They're totally supportive, positive people who want to see you succeed. Finding this group is the second best thing that's happened to me all year.. the first is meeting the giorl of my dreams ;) " -The Awesome Man

"(Modern Man's Guide) has been an incredible journey so far both for the wingman meetups and the workshops that are offered. I have learned a lot about improving my game through the workshops, and I've made great strides while meeting good friends. I used to organize a Meetup group to find cool winmen, but I shut it down once I discovered (MMG). It's that good!" -DoubleD

Contact MMG

Feel free to email to receive additional information or the date of the next program, or to just say hey!